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No Screenshot JumpBox for the Redmine Project Management and Issue Tracking System 1.7.9
Ready to run Virtual Machine/Virtual Appliance for VMware, Parallels, VirtualBox and Amazon EC2 Cloud Computing. Includes a production ready Ruby on Rails environment setup with Apache 2.2 and Redmine deployed via Mongrel. Redmine is a project management and issue tracking system for program developers. Redmine provides many of the features in Trac plus support for multiple projects, role based access control, time tracking functionality,...
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Platform: Windows

Virtualization - Virtual Appliance - Cloud Computing - Virtual Machines - Virtual Hosting - Virtual Appliances
Screenshot of COMODO Cloud Scanner COMODO Cloud Scanner 2.0.157623.12
Comodo Cloud Scanner, a free malware scanner software that utilize cloud computing scanning technology to scan malware and suspicious files on you computer. The malware scanning tools builds with privacy issue, registry error and junk file scanning tools to detect suspicious file on your computer. All signature detection on Comodo Cloud scanner is build based on community virus detection database. Whenever a malware threat is detected in...
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Platform: Windows XP, Windows, Windows Vista , Windows Vista x64,Windows 7,Windows 7 x64

Scanner - Scan - Malware - Malware Scanner - Detect Malware - Junk Remover
No Screenshot CloudSwitch Explorer 1.0.1
Make the cloud a seamless extension of the datacenter. With CloudSwitch, IT experts and developers can explore the cloud in a simple and secure way, migrating existing applications quickly and with no modifications.CloudSwitch Explorer is a strong and advanced software designed to enable enterprises to run their existing applications in the right cloud computing environment- securely. With CloudSwitch Explorer, applications remain tightly...

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Platform: Windows

Cloud Computing - Enterprise Cloud Computing
Screenshot of JWTS JWTS
Instantly create Web application out of existing Windows application. Users will remotely start their sessions using Firefox, Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer web browser. JWTS includes the java programs and a nice Web users interface to connect to the HTTP or the HTTPS JWTS web server. JWTS is a multi-user web server and each user can starts a Windows application inside or on top of his web browsers. The backgound color and the JWTS logo...

Price: USD $255.00;   License: Shareware (Free to Try)   File Size: 56052 KB;
Platform: Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Http - Remote Access - Internet - Web - Remote Desktop - Web Development - Rdp - Mobile Application - Cloud Computing - Webenable
Screenshot of GroupWise to Office 365 Migration GroupWise to Office 365 Migration 12.08.01
Office 365 is application suite developed by Microsoft for small, medium and large business organizations to access to email, documents, contacts and calendars through cloud computing environment. On the other hand Novel GroupWise is a collaborative software platform that supports email, calendaring, personal information management, instant messaging, and document management. There are many instances when any local user or an organization...

Price: USD $999.00;   License: Shareware (Free to Try)   File Size: 8273 KB;
Platform: Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows XP , Windows 7 x32, Windows 7 x64, Windows Server, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64

Groupwise To Office 365 Migration - Migrate Groupwise To Office 365 - Groupwise To Office 365 Migrator - Groupwise To Office 365 - Groupwise To Office 365 Software
No Screenshot Elements Mail for Mac OS 1.0
A powerful companion to the cloud computing application, Elements CRM. Serving as the connection between your email account and Elements CRM, Elements Mail automatically records relevant emails between you and your customers. Once configured, Elements Mail takes over so you can get back to business. - Fully integrated with Elements CRM - Compatibility with any POP or IMAP server - Automated recording of emails - Customizable Workflow...

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware   File Size: 2785 KB;
Platform: Mac, Linux , 10.4.11,or,later

Elements Mail
Screenshot of MindV online mind mapping tools MindV online mind mapping tools 1.3.2000
MindV is a free mind mapping tools, easy learning, based on cloud computing. The user can real time collaborate to edit one mind map file, share your ideas with your team members, publish a map on a web page . What MindV can help me do ? 1 New document tool: MindV is a new document tools. You can write a lecture outline, a book catalog, lesson notes,meeting minutes, etc. Then you can generate multiple format documents (Png, JPG, Html, Text,...

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware   File Size: 3287 KB;
Platform: Windows XP, Windows , WinVista,WinVista x64,Win7 x32,Win7 x64

Project Management - Mind Mapping - Brainstorm - Mind Map - Meeting Minutes - Reading Notes - Outline Of Speech
No Screenshot GBftp 2 RC5
Gabatto FTP or GBftp is the fastest file transfer solution designed to transfer Gb sized files swiftly all at once with the advent of cloud computing. Features:

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Platform: Windows

Application Server - Business Continuity - Ft - Middleware - Distributed Application - Corba - Fault Tolerance - Inspire - Inspire International - Nextra
No Screenshot JumpBox for the PmWiki Wiki Software 1.7.7
JumpBox for the PmWiki Wiki Software is a clean and simple wiki system with a friendly user interface. Ready to run Virtual Machine/Virtual Appliance for VMware, Parallels, VirtualBox and Amazon EC2 Cloud Computing.PmWiki is a wiki-based system for collaborative creation and maintenance of websites. PmWiki pages look and act like normal web pages, except they have an "Edit" link that makes it easy to modify existing pages and add new...

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Shareware (Free to Try)   File Size: 193126 KB;
Platform: Windows

Virtualization - Virtual Appliance - Cloud Computing - Virtual Machines - Virtual Hosting - Virtual Appliances
No Screenshot PrimeBase SQL Database Server 4.0.39
Industrial strength, high performance SQL Server/RDBMS (Relational Database Management System), easy to use, maintenance free, available for Mac OS X, MacOS, Windows, Linux, Solaris, AIXFEATURESHighly Relational Database Management SystemANSI SQL 92 Level 2TransactionsBLOBsFull Text Indexing built-inXML-PathingTable-level and row-level lockingOnline BackupData Compression on HDDData Compression on NetworkEmbeddable Runtime VersionExecutable...

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Demo   File Size: 3788 KB;
Platform: Mac

Database - Computing - Solutions - Cloud - Media Streaming - PBXT - PBMS
No Screenshot PrimeBase E-Commerce 4.1.6
High performance E-Commerce system with web-based administration, customizable store-front and many other high end features.PrimeBase E-Commerce allows editing the store-front with any WYSIWYG HTML Editor and supports any CGI compliant Web server.Features:Corporate Identity / Corporate DesignIntegrationSeparation of code and layoutHigh performanceCross-platformFlexibilityFull-text searchAlternative pricing (Dollar and/or Euro)Newsletter...

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Shareware (Free to Try)   File Size: 8396 KB;
Platform: Mac

Database - Computing - Solutions - Cloud - Media Streaming - PBXT - PBMS
No Screenshot OfficeFloor 1.0
OfficeFloor is true inversion of control for building real-time web applications that are build once run anywhere - even with Cloud Computing.In addition to making it simple to build a Java web application, once built OfficeFloor enables the application to be run stand-alone, within a JEE Application Server or by any of the Cloud Computing providers.The run anywhere flexibility is a unique aspect of the OfficeFloor framework due to its...

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware   File Size: 6670 KB;
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

Screenshot of SaltOS SaltOS 1.0
SaltOS is your Business Management solution 100% Cloud Computing. It integrates features like CRM (Customer Relation Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). Moreover is it licensed as 100% free software GPL-3.0.

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware   File Size: 32822 KB;
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

Screenshot of Lotus Notes to Cloud Lotus Notes to Cloud 3.1
To start sync Lotus Notes to cloud storage services is now made easy by our software i.e. PCVITA Express Migrator for Google Apps. Download the free installer for testing and evaluation purposes, plus the limitation of 7 days supports as well. What if for the entire migration of Lotus Notes to cloud storage services. The best solution is to pick the solution by the right vendor, as of PCVITA Software has unveiled the right solution that...

Price: USD $99.00;   License: Shareware (Free to Try)   File Size: 2344 KB;
Platform: Windows 2000, Windows, Windows 98, Windows XP , Win7 x32,Win7 x64,WinOther,WinServer,WinVista,WinVista x64,Other

Lotus Notes To Cloud - Lotus Notes To Cloud Migration - Lotus Notes To Cloud Migration Software - Lotus Notes To Cloud Migration Tool - Lotus Notes To Cloud Computing - Migrate Lotus Notes To Cloud - Sync Lotus Notes To Cloud - Backup Lotus Notes To Cloud
No Screenshot Gladinet Cloud Desktop Starter Edition (64-bit) 4.0.881
Gladinet Cloud Desktop mounts cloud storage as local folders. Users can access their cloud files in Windows Explorer.Step 1: Install Gladinet Cloud Desktop on the PC that you would like to get Browser Access.Step 2: Register for the Gladinet Cloud Space ServiceStep 3: Add the Gladinet Cloud Desktop to your Gladinet Online Account.Step 4: Login to You will see all the registered Gladinet Cloud Desktop instances.Step 5: You...

Price: USD $0.00;   License: Freeware   File Size: 21166 KB;
Platform: Windows

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